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When it was nothing more than grassland and a beautiful but small bamboo forest, we discovered this plot of land 20 years ago in Nanegal, Pichincha (within the seventh Biosphere Reserve Choco Andino). Every year brought new changes; we planted new fruit trees, ficus trees, more bamboo and giant bamboo along the river bank. It didn’t stop there, new gardens gave our property a new life where these plants adapted to the subtropics quite nicely. Five years ago this land has become our home and a very special place for everyone who visits us.

The Farm

How the villas came to be was five years ago when we chose to move to the country and leave the city life. The idea of a lodging destination began as a pergola, a tent and finally walls that gave the shape of our luxury villa. A few years later with the idea of attracting visitors to the subtropics we set up a glamping tent, with certain accommodations similar to that of the villas; for those city folks who love the outdoors and enjoy a comfy bed at the same time.


The farm is surrounded by subtropical plants and flower gardens and bamboo of all sorts. With two artificial ponds fed by mountain water and aquatic plants that keep the water oxygenated, an ecological balance is present where a variety of fish and other aquatic animals have found a home. It is also a place where families constantly enjoy a their wonderful time together.

Breakfast with a variety of Foods
Private areas for bbq
and camp fires
hot water showers

"Nos encontramos con uno de los lugares más lindos del planeta. Super agradecidos con la familia Ortiz por su hospitalidad. Lo disfrutamos muchísimo y nos recargamos de muchas cosas hermosas en medio de la naturaleza. La quinta Sauipe es un lugar mágico, de esos lugares que no te quieres ir."

What an amazing place to stay! Quiet, relaxed, incredibly beautiful and with world class Chef Teresa! We loved everything about Sauipe House. From well appointed bungalows, plushy towels, comfortable beds, quiet surroundings to outside "kitchen" area where we had great lunches and dinners with the hosts, lit fire at the deck and enjoyed the sounds of the wildlife. The cheerful sound of the creek was an unexpected delight. 

Don't miss the trout fishing that can be then grilled and enjoyed. Do take a hike up the mountain across the river. And Mindo with all its activities is only 45 minute drive away. 


Sauipe Lodge is an amazing place. It is a short, lovely drive from Quito and once you arrive you feel transported to paradise. Every detail is well thought out. You can cook your own meals, or do full-board. Highly recommended! 

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